It Takes A Village

In this same way, despite our evolution, but perhaps because of it, modern mankind is returning to the humanity and innocence of the proverbial village.

The Job Seeker

My oldest daughter asked me if a flower she picked would ever die. She asked if a flower not picked would live for ever. I replied, that everything that is alive now will one day die. I told her that a season exists for both life and death for everything. She waved the Black Eyed Susan I picked for her in the air.

The Teague Family Handles Stress

Life is amazing, it's the times of difficulty and challenge when we are face to face with ourselves, the time to see what we are made of. Will we sink or swim. What a blessing!

Ready or Not, Here He Comes

I may be excited or something?! 😂 I woke up the first time at 0214. Considering that the last time I looked at my phone clock before bed it said 1203... I felt well rested. If you knew my sleep schedule pre-pregnancy you know that I would not be typing let alone functioning if this … Continue reading Ready or Not, Here He Comes