It Takes A Village

In this same way, despite our evolution, but perhaps because of it, modern mankind is returning to the humanity and innocence of the proverbial village.

A Father’s Journey

Two months after I filed for divorce, a friend of mine who eventually became my children's step mother and the mother of my youngest child and my current wife - Savanah, encouraged me to visit the doctor.

Body, Mind, Soul. A mysterious holy trinity of human life.

I have just begun to realize how secure and happy I feel when my kids are all together under our roof. How good it feels tucking my girls in to bed at night. How soundly I sleep when they are at my house.

Being a Father has Changed Me – Here’s How.

Having kids makes you a better human being, or it ruins your children. You either change and succumb to the pressure of being in charge of your child's life or you break under the weight, damaging your children in the process. Being a parent is the most rewarding job I think I will ever have. … Continue reading Being a Father has Changed Me – Here’s How.