Hey Beautiful!

I have missed you a lot today. I have missed Corbin too. I'm a total goof for dropping my phone when I was on Lunch today. I had to run home to get a cream for Avery, she complained and I didn't know if she would have needed the cream for the day.  but they … Continue reading Hey Beautiful!

New Year, New…..?

Why years have to begin and end in the dead of winter I will not understand. The alternative of beginning and ending in the fullness of summer life seems so much more appealing. Somehow this became the norm.

The Diapering Saga: One Month Down with Many More to Go.

Hello crunchsters. Today's quick cloth diapering update is brought to you by a 0412 Corbin wake up call and day old coffee modified with powdered creamer and stevia. BLAH! Not exactly how I wanted to start my Saturday, but alas here I am. Where to begin... Well we are still going strong with our little … Continue reading The Diapering Saga: One Month Down with Many More to Go.


Have you felt yourself press against the walls of that prison cell before? Coming into contact with those old limits, stuck making those same choices. Brushing against the walls of that dirty cell your clean skin gets dirty, your mind races with confusion. Sometimes we call that anxiety, sometimes depression, sometimes destruction

The Job Seeker

My oldest daughter asked me if a flower she picked would ever die. She asked if a flower not picked would live for ever. I replied, that everything that is alive now will one day die. I told her that a season exists for both life and death for everything. She waved the Black Eyed Susan I picked for her in the air.

You Give Some, You Lose….. A Lot

The time passed in the blink of an eye. All my ducks started to fall into a row and I was hopeful. I had somehow talked my mother down off the ledge of doom that she pictured I was about to throw myself off of if I went through with this...

A Father’s Journey

Two months after I filed for divorce, a friend of mine who eventually became my children's step mother and the mother of my youngest child and my current wife - Savanah, encouraged me to visit the doctor.

The Teague Family Handles Stress

Life is amazing, it's the times of difficulty and challenge when we are face to face with ourselves, the time to see what we are made of. Will we sink or swim. What a blessing!

An Advanced Education

I encourage everyone to find a path, to live a life they can be proud of. I was hit by some very eye opening realities over the last two years since June 2017, that have lead me to not take my time for granted, to love my family and to grow in every way possible.