EFF Members: We Want to Hear From You!

EFF Members: We Want to Hear From You!

For the first time, the Electronic Frontier Foundation is reaching out to its vast community to improve its membership program and outreach.

Today current EFF members and other donors from the past year will receive an email inviting them to tell us how to better serve our supporters. Public support has powered EFF’s initiatives to defend digital privacy, security, and free expression for decades, so it’s fitting that EFF members will help shape our future.

As a staunch privacy advocate, EFF intentionally minimizes the amount of information that we collect about donors. Our standard is considered fundraising blasphemy, but we believe that this level of respect helps build the kind of relationships we intend to keep with EFF’s members. It also means that we need your help to learn how people view EFF’s positions, how they want to interact with us, and what drives our members to keep supporting EFF’s work. We hope that by soliciting your feedback, EFF can do its best to remain engaging and effective.

We are asking people to complete our short survey by Friday, April 16. As one might expect from EFF, all responses are voluntary and recorded anonymously. Furthermore, this information won’t be shared outside of EFF in keeping with the spirit of our privacy policy. We take your feedback seriously and look forward to hearing from you!

EFF has stood alongside tech users throughout its storied 30-year history, and we know it’s only possible with the help of individuals like you. Our mission has never been more urgent as the world leans increasingly on technology to stay connected and informed. If you’re a current EFF member or recent donor and did not find our invitation in your inbox, please send a note to membership@eff.org. Now keep on fighting for the future of digital freedom!

Published March 18, 2021 at 01:51PM
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