Hey Beautiful!

I have missed you a lot today. I have missed Corbin too. I’m a total goof for dropping my phone when I was on Lunch today. I had to run home to get a cream for Avery, she complained and I didn’t know if she would have needed the cream for the day.  but they called me so I went.I actually did take the box of rice and my phone with me to check every so often. No such luck. it’s dead. 

Today has otherwise been great so far, I have been seeing you and feeling you everywhere. The discovery of the Granola bar snacks, on the inside pockets of the pantry! That reminded me of you. Also finding that sexy bra you left on the floor by our bed. I liked that too. Doing your laundry, reminded me of how much I love you. Cleaning the dishes that we made together, missing the love that we made together. I’m reminded just what Peace is. Peace is the absence of war. In the management of risk, we place a value on security.  If peace is the absence of war then Peace is only defined by the condition that war has been. 

While peace and war are defined along a gradient of variable conditions they cannot be defined without the other. That is actually why popular culture describes love as a battlefield, and why Marriage is mocked. But if God is love, then god is really created by you and me. Then we actually would best serve our marriage in seeking to create the conditions between us, to be as peaceful as possible.

But what do we know about peace? when our only realization of it is the war? As we pass through our personal and communal battles, we will only have a better understanding of what Peace can be! That’s the hope in the world. That’s what keeps us all coming back, coming home, being truly alive, able to be the Love that God created, and simultaneously the God that love created. XOXO I miss you and in time I will manifest the Peace that we both deserve. I love the pictures of you and Corbin. I love the pictures of you and me. I miss the Peace we used to share. But more is coming! just past this storm. Just beyond the last dark cloud. Hope rises, promising a peace to bask in, a reminder of what the war was not!

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