New Year, New…..?

Welcome the revolution of the earth around the sun! Why we don’t celebrate a date in the summer or spring as our marker for passage of 365 days I will never understand. Despite that questioning curiosity, we have arrived at the passage of one revolution around the sun. As has been the case with every previous revolution, we as a people like to believe that we have some new opportunity, some new days ahead of us, some new grace. Maybe we do maybe we don’t, it’s all about perspective.

2020, in its short existence, has given me hope. 2019 could only be described as crushing, divisive, destructive, formative. 2019 is behind us now. 2020 is full of opportunity from where I stand, looking forward to the unknown future. planning for the worst, mitigating and safeguarding our interests as best as I can within the framework and the circumstances that I am afforded. So far in 2020 I have defeated an attorney in court and plan to continue to do so. I have secured quality employment and have earned unity between my wife and half of my children. I have no doubt that the complete restoration of my family will follow.

2020 I pray will be the greatest year of my life. Why years have to begin and end in the dead of winter I will not understand. The alternative of beginning and ending in the fullness of summer life seems so much more appealing. Somehow this became the norm. Battles are won and lost in the winter. Character is built in the winter. Champions are made in the struggle to survive which is the winter. The Teague Family was reborn through that same struggle. Emerging into the fullness of spring, yet to come.

Our story will be told.

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