Look out, life just stuck a knife in your back. Pull it out. Look out, dodge that flaming arrow heading for your heart. Find a place to rest.

Human relationships are full of endless possibilities. What limits them? Trauma. What is trauma? Professionals call them ACE’s – Adverse Childhood Experiences. Do you have any? A strange question to ask on a first date. Who controls the past, controls the future. Have you ever thought about your past? how did you get here, where did you come from? Take some time to think about that.

Those are great answers, thanks for sharing. Now I want you to know that you are so much more then that! What is freedom, can you describe it? What is a choice, can you make one? The limits of your freedom and your choices are self imposed in a prison of your past’s construction. Wait, read that again slowly. The limits of your freedom and your choices are self imposed in a prison of your past’s construction. But I have a key right here in my pocket. This key has the potential to open many locks. It might fit the key to the prison that you live in. Have you felt yourself press against the walls of that prison cell before? Coming into contact with those old limits, stuck making those same choices. Brushing against the walls of that dirty cell your clean skin gets dirty, your mind races with confusion. Sometimes we call that anxiety, sometimes depression, sometimes destruction. Face to face with the cell wall is a revealing place, it may not happen daily, weekly, monthly, but it happens. Those face to face moments depend on how big your cell is. Those revealing moments show us the ways that we have learned to cope with our trauma.

Getting free of that cell has always been your true calling. A plan made by God you can say. Long before you were hurt, before you were broken, before you accepted the limits of your freedom, the limits of your choices. You where made as a full human in the likeness of God. Imagine that. Here we sit spinning on a globe literally nowhere, in a gas of stars for literally no defined purpose, thinking we matter in the highest, organizing this place to create our purpose straight out of our collective imagination – then poof, just like that in the usual way you became on of us.

So full of potential, so ripe, limitless. How did you become this? Why on earth are you any special at all? You are clearly subject to the law. What law, you ask? The many ill guided forces that pull you into conformity, a force like gravity that keeps you glued to the floor. Judgment, oppression, fear, hate – these are the outcomes of the law my dear. You have been subject to them and it has sustained you but now, either the cell has become smaller, or the dirt has accumulated on your skin so much that you can no longer ignore the anxiety, the depression, the self destruction. You think to yourself how can this be? I am ardently following the law, you scream! Yet your cell is dingy, dank, lonely, cold, you lie to yourself for several years, thinking this is just how life is. Yet, you are reminded that you are made in the image of God, you are reminded from time to time of a light that persists within you. It flickers from time to time. You are a Child of God.

You cannot take this any longer, you need to get out of this cell, how do you escape? The law has condemned you, the law has limited you, you thought the law would free you but it only enslaved you. How did this happen for generations? You think back, your parents had a rather cozy cell too. your friends and family all seemed to cope well with all of this, but stirring inside of you is an unwillingness to accept these limits. The human spirit cries out inside you for freedom. Your soul cries out to your creator for justice, after all you are his child, he alone knows the reason you even breath on this spinning ball in the middle of nowhere. You are not alone. I arrive at your cell door, I have the key it fits the lock, it turns, the cell opens. You hesitate to walk. You hesitate to venture out into this love, into this Grace. After all you were condemned by the law. You wore it’s yoke gladly, just as your parents did and just as they taught you to do.

You ask how did all of this happen, while your eyes adjust to the real world you now see before you, a world of abundance, not of limits. A world of joy, not of condemnation, a world of peace not of strife. A world of unity and love. I tell you, that this is the kingdom of God. That your faith has set you free, not your deeds, and especially not your adherence to the law. Our creator provided a way into a world of abundance. But first let me introduce you to your own son, Corbin. He is one of the first to be born free, he has never had a cell of his own and I intend to keep him free of that. Father God, provided his son to us all as an atonement for our never ending evil nature, a nature that was so out of control that we needed that old condemning law in the first place. Don’t believe me when I claim that human nature is evil? Well, some people may try to condemn sex right now, trying to make you feel ashamed and for generations that has worked, but I would rather human nature’s evils be best described as war, genocide, division, hate, or selfishness. Jesus Christ was tortured and killed by the very law that we no longer have to live under. God did this explicitly so that we could have the experience on earth that he intended us to have. Lives full of Love, Joy, Peace, Forbearance, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control. Look at this community! How do you feel? You smile saying: free. We all begin to dance, celebrating your arrival into the kingdom of God.

What now do you do with the condemning past, that had such control over you, it controlled your future, how do you deal with it? What do you now do with the people in your life who held you down and told you that you could never be free of that dirty place you called home, that you laid alone in at night, full of shame and fear. You aren’t going to believe this, and it can be hard, and it’s easier said then done, but once you do it, you can really experience the fullness of life…. forgive them. It’s freedom, give it away.

Grace is a gift from God. Your spirit is filled with Grace, when Christ freed your from that old cell. Welcome to the real world. Live by Faith not by the law, live by the spirit not by the flesh.

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