An Advanced Education

The University of Illinois at Springfield Logo. Found on Wikipedia.

When I was a just a high school drop out, I never imagined that I’d eventually become an out of work college graduate. Nevertheless here I am, unemployed with three kids. What a nightmare. With all my free-time I have decided to attend Graduate School. If having a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science hasn’t opened all the doors, then a Master’s Degree in Public Administration Surely will? I am enrolled in an Online Program with the University of Illinois, at the end of 33 credit hours I will have an MPA. The coveted MPA. With this I hope to become a public administrator.

What does that mean? Well before me lays three pathways, (from what I can remember) I am heading toward an MPA in Non-Profit Management. I desire to be among a team at the helm of a non-profit organization that serves to address a social ill of some kind. What excites me about this field is, grant writing and funds acquisition, program development that meets stipulations of block grants and categorical grants. As well as policy development and implementation that conforms with applicable laws. I feel that my life has been driving me toward something more then what I have been doing. Not only have I been blessed by the struggle of underemployment and unemployment in the last six months, but also my employment experience has been directing me toward non-profit management Please take a look at my Resume here.

I encourage everyone to find a path, to live a life they can be proud of. I was hit by some very eye opening realities over the last two years since June 2017, that have lead me to not take my time for granted, to love my family and to grow in every way possible. I’m seeking to be happy with myself and that has lead me to attempt to live the best life I can. I am continuously working on it and I hope that I can be closer to satisfied once I progress through the next 33 credit hours. Not only have I decided to take this one, but I am also cooking dinner for my family more often, I’m prioritizing aspects of life that I used to overlook, like health, and the quality of my relationships. I’m trying to smile more even though the last six months have been challenging.

As always, writing is like therapy to me, and I will no doubt be sharing my progress and I’m always happy when I see that people have read The Teague Family Blog or liked a social media post we created. Thank you.

Final thought: GO DO YOUR BEST !!

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