Pulling The Cord

Weeks before the yard was mowed.

It’s fun to get outside for the first time and walk laps in your yard. Especially with the kids running around you, especially with foot tall grass, especially when your yard is about an acre, and you only have a push mower. A mower whose default setting is “bagging”. Can you believe that? We rent a home on a large lot and the owner previously used a push mower with a bag… that’s the only setting, so it fills and you have to empty it.

I am not actually a fan of mowing. I find it time-consuming and on a deeper comedic level, mowing is an expression of man’s domination over the earth. Comedically ego-serving, and conforming. As we compete with our neighbor for a “quality lawn”. So with this mindset, I have always put it off, to my own deteriment as the task only gets harder the longer you wait. SO by the time I got around to mowing my giant yard with a machine that actually makes the process harder, it had grown almost a foot high. My children were lost in it if they sat down. So I knew that the only thing to do was to pull the cord and mow the lawn.

It took about four hours, two on Friday and two on Saturday. Extra time was added because on the first round I took some time to devise a plan to rig the mower to discharge the clippings out of the machine instead of into the bag. Doing so, the clippings blew directly onto me as I walked, since the discharge is in the back and not on the side of the machine because this model is intended only to bag clippings. Now that I had rigged the machine, I could barrel through my giant grass with the clippings discharging in rows of straw. This sped up the process.

The thought struck me, a thought of humility struck me. My entire life, all the blessings, and all the challenges in my life have been given to me by God. My destain for mowing will be overcome by the property we rent, and the mower the owner left us. My wife found this location, not I. My daughters, running around in the yard as I mow, and my wife nursing my son in the house, are all blessings from God.

The challenge of mowing should be one I embrace since I can only control myself, I arrived at this property by providence, I was blessed with this mower. I can only accept the cards I’ve been dealt. In fact, these cards are really good, and to deny God, to dishonor him by refusing to accept the challenges associated with the solid hand he has dealt me is a sin. He gave me my daughters and he gave me an escape from a negative relationship with their mother, my ex-wife. He gave me my wife Savanah, who has blessed me with a son and who has shown me what love is.

To dishonor God by complaining about the lawn, the mower, my 50/50 parenting time, or getting up early, or having to serve my wife and son, or to complain about anything is a sin. I realized this while I was mowing my lawn.

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