Freely Based On Your Labor

From the second story window of the Library building the dying light of day reminds me that spring is on the way. Looking out the window, watching day turn to night I ‘m reminded that at least while I am away from home the heat isn’t running – and that’s a good thing. Because I have bills to pay and mouths to feed, but I ain’t got a job as far as I can see.

Been unemployed or underemployed since October it’s now March – we had a great holiday season – when God set me free from the trappings of child trafficking. You see he wanted more for me then playing games with victim-less criminals. Because while abuse and neglect does exist, it was rare as far as I could see. Shackling the poor with more unnecessary problems is not a blessing.

So now that I am poor, as if I ever wasn’t poor, I am finding ways to pay the bills while Interviewing for panels of men and women who don’t care if I live or die, or if my family survives. Blank stairs and empty smiles, nods of approval and words of encouragement. Back handed complements from emails days later saying: “thanks for your interest in our position, after careful consideration we have decided…” that you just aren’t it.

These rejection letters week after week, meanwhile my kids got to eat. And did I mention, despite having one remaining testicle my wife is pregnant! Kid Number 3, Corbin Scott Teague. Now count the members of my Family, Savanah, Avery, Fiona and ME, add Corbin that makes 5. Thank god for my wife, God-bless her, she plans to work until she goes into labor.

It’s okay cause I filed out the paper, I got the stamped approval, we qualify for assistance as long as we’re frugal. So the rent will be partial and the electric will too, as soon as we can we will make due. My three applications are sent through the web, over the lines and into the beds of the people who will decide our fate. Can you edit my cover letter, I’m not a good speller. Sure honey it looks great.

If you get this job you’ll have to get some new shirts, a tie and some slacks, maybe some new shiny shoes to blend into the pack. Or if you take this job you can walk to work, its not far to go and you wont need to change your shirt. Choices that build and choices that break. The boss doesn’t think of how much you have on your plate. The struggle is real and we roll with the punches – only right moves from here on out, no more mistakes. The odds are not in our favor, you can never be to cautious. The food in the fridge will soon be gone, and that stack of bills isn’t going to throw itself away, better not open them to see the real error of your ways.

So don’t put off this lesson for later, this world is cold and hard and she plays favors for favors, so put in the work, stash the money away, this earth was given freely based on your labor.

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