Hand Surgery?

No. I won’t be getting hand surgery for the 7-month-old injury that my right ring finger sustained. The orthopedic called it “Jersey Finger“, common among athletes, he said because players are reaching out and grabbing jerseys with their hands then in one swift pulling motion the tendon detaches from the bone. This is what happened to my finger.

For a time I had to favor it and use it less, but eventually, the pain and discomfort became dull the more I sustained the pain of movement and stretch of usage. As if I was weathering my body through movement. I have slowly eroded the parts that when rubbed together cause me discomfort. The doctor said that a 7-month-old injury would be nearly impossible to reattach. He told me all about the tendons and how they work. He said he could reduce the pain and discomfort and the occasional “pop” through surgery by cutting the loose tendon out of my upper palm area. I will likely not have surgery.

I jokingly told the doctor how bad I am at addressing medical needs, by telling him I had a tumor on my testicle for ten years, that was 244 ML in volume but only addressed it at the urging of my wife. We laughed. but now I have a finger that I can never squeeze into a fist again. Live and learn I guess.

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