Review of: The Children’s Discovery Museum – Normal, Illinois

Review Criteria – The Teague Method of Measurement.

  • The duration that my kids want to be at this place
  • The cost of this place
  • Did this place positively affect my children?
  • Did my wife and I have a good time, letting the kids have a good time?

The Children’s Discovery Museum is yet another example of how great the Town of Normal and neighboring twin city, the City Of Bloomington is. I have always attributed this civic quality as a product of the areas historically white collared employment base. Sadly, this may also account for the areas segregation along economic lines. However, the entry fee at the Normal, Illinois Children’s Discovery Museum is quite affordable. Twenty-one dollars for myself, my wife and our two children to play in the three-story monument to Child Development Through Play, which the museum is. In fact, I desire to visit this local museum as often as I can because I completely enjoy the curious self-expression of wonder on my children’s face. As a parent, it offers both opportunities to be hands on and hands off with your kids as they play. In our growing list of family adventures, The Children’s Discovery Museum is near the top. With only a short hour drive away from home its worth every penny.

Teague Recommendation: Visit the Children’s Discovery Museum website and plan your trip as soon as you can.

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